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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Very happy to announce that AmazingNewsWorld is now PR 3 blog on Google Pagerank update on 27 June 2011.

Great news for all the bloggers and webmasters who have tried different SEO techniques and waiting for the Google Pagerank Update , Google has updated its Page Rank just few minutes ago and it’s time to check your Google Pagerank Update .
Google Pagerank Update on 27 June 2011
Congratulations to all those bloggers and webmasters who ranked on Google Pagerank update. Those who are not able to see their pagerank wait for next Google Pagerank update which is expected on August 2011. Most of the websites will see a significant improvement in Google Pagerank update.
What is Google Pagerank Update?
For those who are unaware of the term PR from Google, let’s first discuss what the term means Google PR are really for? In real, the term Google PR stands for Google Page Rank. Can be defined as the classification or ranking given to each of the websites between 0 and 10. Those who havelaunched a new website are likely to have a PR0.The Google Pagerank update depends on the SEO techniques and services contracted for that particular site. Those who have less page rank is supposed to read our best SEO techniques or below listed posts that can perform better on Google Page Rank on your next Google PagerankUpdate which is supposed to be happening in thenext four to five months.
What is the result for your website on this Google Pagerank update on 27 June 2011. Please share your updates through comment.
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Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Lost City

This city is called Epekuen, and it is found in Argentina. Its construction began in 1920 on the shore of the lagoon hot springs, and it was intended for the tourist paradise of rest. Now Epekuena not on any map, and none of the tourist trail, since it was completely destroyed by fl00d; and wiped off the face of the earth.
This is another proof of how magnificent force of nature. 30 more images after the break...

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